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Why You Should Consider Out of State Rehab

Why You Should Consider Out of State Rehab

Here are a few reasons why it might be a good idea to consider an out of state rehab.

Many of the patients we see at Faith Recovery in Beverly Hills are from the Los Angeles or even the greater California region. However, we also welcome a fair number of people from Nevada, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and further afield every year. We’ve even had patients from Florida, Tennessee and New Jersey!

Here are a few reasons why it might be a good idea to consider an out of state rehab.

1. A Change of Scenery

Breaking bad habits is all about change. You need to change the way you think, how you act and what you do.

Sometimes, when we’re in an environment that is familiar, there’s always the thought hidden in the back of our minds that at some point, we’ll be going “back to normal.” Except that when your normal includes substance abuse or drug addiction, that’s often not what you want.

Changing your physical location is a great way to take that thought out of your subconscious, so you can focus on recovery and long term maintenance of your recovery.

2. Not As Easy to Give Up

Most people who choose to get help with substance abuse really want to make a long term, positive change.

However, while treatment at Faith Recovery in Beverley Hills is definitely an effective option, it’s never easy to break long term bad habits.

Sometimes, when you’re close to home and you know there’s a “soft landing” even if you don’t complete your treatment, there might be the temptation to quit before you finish the program.

When there are thousands of miles between you and your day to day life, it’s a lot harder to make the choice to abandon your substance abuse treatment program.

3. Better Privacy

Sometimes, when you have a substance abuse problem, everyone knows about it. But not all the time.

Many people are very good at hiding their substance abuse and addiction problems from their community, and those people usually have good reasons for keeping their problem private. Whether it’s social connections or work, you or your loved one might want an added layer of privacy.

Finding a rehab center in another state is a great way to make sure you can keep your recovery private. It’s very unlikely that anyone you know will be attending the same facility, and there’s very little chance you will have mutual friends or acquaintances.

4. Far from Bad Influences

Faith Recovery Center in Beverley Hills is not a prison. Patients who have reached an appropriate stage of their recovery can have visitors. However, sometimes, the wrong kind of visitors can derail substance abuse treatment.

By choosing an out of state rehab facility, there’s a much lower risk that you will have the wrong kind of visitors. Which means there’s less chance their bad influence will have an effect on your recovery.

5. A Mental Health Break

You’ve heard the saying “a change is as good as a holiday?” Well, that applies to rehab too.

Sometimes, when we’re stuck in the cycle of addiction or substance abuse, part of the problem is the sameness of everything. You do the things you do because they’re a habit, and because everything is the same all the time.

Choosing a rehab facility in a different state helps to break some of the most fundamental parts of your bad habits, by removing you completely from them for the duration of your treatment. It’s a lot easier to start seeing the world around you differently when the world around you actually are different.

Sometimes, it’s exactly what our patients need to start thinking about their lives and their problems in a completely different way.

6. World Class Treatment

Depending on where you live, your substance abuse and addiction treatment options may be limited. Many of the best doctors, medical professionals, psychologists and addiction specialists choose to live in places like California, and this often means that there are fewer treatment options in inland areas or less popular locations.

It’s also one of the reasons we’ve been able to attract the very best team of medical and other specialists to Faith Recovery Center in Beverly Hills! When you’re working in a beautiful location in one of the best cities in the world, it’s not hard to love your job!

7. Beautiful, Peaceful Surroundings

Finally, if you’re considering getting rehab out of state, consider this: there are countless studies that link everything from mental health to physical fitness to being outdoors in nature.

The location of the Faith Recovery Center in Beverly Hills, California is absolutely stunning, from the well-kept manicured gardens around the center itself to the proximity to the ocean and amazing hiking and walking trails.

If being in the beauty of nature is good for your health, then being at Faith Recovery Center in Beverley Hills puts you in a great place to start your journey to long term, sustainable good health.

Change Your Location, Change Your Life

A big part of the success of rehab programs comes from teaching people new ways to think and cope with events in their lives.

While a change of location won’t make or break your recovery, it does help to reinforce the mental idea of starting a new life.

When everything around you is different, it’s easier to look at your life differently. It’s easier to see that maybe some of your life choices haven’t been that great, and that maybe you need to make some changes to the people and places you spend your time.

Out of state rehab at a facility like Faith Recovery Center in Beverley Hills might not be critical to successful recovery. But it does add another layer of help to beat your substance abuse problems. So, whether you need to get away from the people and situations that cause you to make bad choices, you want privacy or you just want to be in a beautiful, natural setting, this might be the rehab solution you’ve been looking for.

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