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Prescription Drug Detox

When most people think of drug addiction, they think of drugs like heroin or cocaine.

However, while it's true that many people do become addicted to those kinds of drugs, many are also addicted to drugs that you can get from the local pharmacy.

Prescription drug addiction often starts when patients are prescribed narcotic pain medication. Over time, they become dependent on these necessary drugs, and start using them in excess.

Prescription drug addiction can go unnoticed for many years, which means that by the time patients arrive at a treatment center, their recovery is considerably more complex.

Prescription drug detox can be just as uncomfortable for the patient as detox from any other narcotic. Which is why it is so important, but this part of the process is managed by a professional team like the addiction team at Faith Recovery Beverly Hills.

Prescription Drug Medically Assisted Detoxification at Faith Recovery Beverly Hills, CA

The physical and mental effects of prescription drug detox can be just as difficult to manage as any other drug.

This is why the detox team at Faith Recovery Center Offers medically assisted detox options for this kind of addiction too.

By carefully controlling the dosage of medications, our team can help to listen the unpleasant effects that often accompany detox. This allows our patients to move through the process successfully, so that they can start working on other parts of their recovery.

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