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Dual Diagnosis:
Mental Health and Addiction

Mental health conditions and substance abuse or addiction often go hand in hand. Sometimes it's the mental health condition that causes the substance abuse, and sometimes the opposite is true.

No matter what your or your loved one’s situation is, dual diagnosis at Faith Recovery Beverly Hills can help.

By treating both the symptom and the cause, we help our patients to reach long-term and sustainable recovery.

Dual Diagnosis at Faith Recovery Beverly Hills, CA

Sometimes when patients arrive at Faith Recovery in Beverly Hills, California, they already have a diagnosed mental health condition.

However, our intake staff are also highly trained in identifying potential undiagnosed conditions. which means if you or your loved one have not yet been diagnosed, our team will still be able to identify the problem.

It's very important that you or your loved one answer all the intake questions honestly, so that we can make an accurate assessment and get you the help you need.

Mental Health After and Before Substance Abuse

Some people who have existing mental health conditions use substances to self medicate. Over time those substances can become more of a problem then the mental health condition they were being used to treat. By the time this happens it's often too late to make a change on your own.

In other cases, patients who have substance abuse problems find that their developmental health conditions later in their addiction. Many of the substances people commonly abuse can lead to depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and other mental health problems.

Many people substance abuse and mental health is a vicious cycle. So, it's very important to get treatment for both if both are a problem.

Some of the mental health conditions we see in our patients include:

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Schizophrenia

• Multiple personality disorder

• Bipolar disorder

• Eating disorders

• Phobias

• And more

It’s very common for mental health issues and addiction problems to exist together. There is no shame in either of these conditions, and the team at Faith Recovery Beverly Hills, CA will never judge our patients.

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