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Drug Detox

Getting clean after abusing drugs is not an easy process.

There is both physical and mental addiction that will need to be dealt with. Many patients also find that there are emotional elements of addiction that they struggle with.

But before you can address the mental and emotional aspects of addiction, you need to break the physical ties.

Drug detox is a process where your body get used to living without the drugs you've been abusing. Many patients find this an uncomfortable process, but with professional help this critical step in your recovery can be managed.

Faith Recovery Beverly Hills employs a team of drug detox specialists, to keep our patients comfortable during this important step.

Drug Medically Assisted Detoxification at Faith Recovery Beverly Hills, CA

Sometimes the effects of drug detox can be almost overwhelming.

Getting used to living without a substance that you've been taking for months, or years can be challenging.

One way that the team at Faith Recovery Beverly Hills help our patient through this transition is with medically assisted detoxification. This process uses safe, FDA approved medications in carefully monitored doses to ease some of the symptoms that come with detox.

Over time patients learn to cope without the substances they are dependent on, and as they do dosages are adjusted until finally, they are completely substance free.

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