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Twelve-Steps To Addiction Recovery

12 step recovery programs have been around for a long time. They are one of the earliest formal addiction recovery systems out there.

These kinds of treatment programs typically involve group therapy, and a series of predefined steps. As patients move through the program with the support of professionals and their peers, they complete each step-in sequence.

Twelve-Step Addiction Recovery at Faith Recovery Beverly Hills, CA

12 step addiction recovery is a well-known system that is based on the system first used by Alcoholics Anonymous.

This type of treatment requires the patient to acknowledge that they are powerless over their addiction, but that with the help of a higher power, they can still make a lasting change.

12 step programs rely on the expertise of professionals as well as the support of peers to help patients reach lasting recovery. It is as much a mindset and lifestyle change as it is a form of addiction therapy.

Effectiveness of 12-Step Program

12 step programs are not for everyone. Some people do not believe in the higher power that the system relies on. Others believe that they hold personal responsibility for their actions, and that they have the power to make change themselves.

There are other treatment program options for people who find the premise of the 12-step program uncomfortable.

However, those that do embrace the central philosophy of 12 step programs typically have a high level of success. The ongoing support from professionals and peers can make all the difference.

Non-Twelve-Step Addiction Recovery: 12-Step Program Alternative

People who prefer not to do 12 step programs still have similarly structured options available.

Many 12 step program alternatives are based on personal responsibility and empowerment. They teach a philosophy of making positive life choices and give participants the tools they need to continue doing that in their day-to-day lives.

Most non 12 step program alternatives are completely secular, but they are some that borrow from a variety of other religions. So, if you have a faith-based preference, there may be a program that matches your belief system.

Some popular non 12 step programs include:

• Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) Recovery

• Secular Organizations for Sobriety (S.O.S.)

• LifeRing Secular Recovery

• Evidence Based & Science Based Treatments

• Women for Sobriety  

• Moderation Management

• Holistic Therapies

• Experiential Therapies

Each of these (and other) non 12 step programs on offer out there follows a different format and has different pros and cons, so you might need to explore them in more detail to find the right one for you.

Participating in a non twelve step program will help to give you the life skills you need to make better choices – not only about substance abuse, but also about all other areas of your life.

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